Thursday, 22 March 2012

tender lace and bones // blog launch

After tons of thought and countless hours of contemplation, I've decided that I always have a lot to say. I figured that rather than torturing flatmates and friends on Skype; I would along with my photographic documentation start writing. It'll only make things more concrete. I feel there are pieces of stories and colors and memories all wrapped up in a shoot that become so much more real when they are written about. 
So here's my first blog post with pictures from my last shoot with the lovely Emily Williams. I have worked with her before and she has slowly become one of my favorite people to photograph. She has the most delicate expressions and soft grace about her. It's always a pleasure taking pictures with her. This shoot was intended to be inspired by young Brooke Shields (from a time before Blue Lagoon). However, planning before shoots always fails and they never turn out as expected. Which isn't always disappointing, it's more surprising really. 
So here's what we managed on a foggy sunday morning. We slowly paced through the Dunedin botanic gardens, exploring and finding crevices, corners and hills full of flowers bright and big. The rain pattered down gently, making the sky shades of ice and pale coal that painted our shoot perfectly. An artist strummed songs on his guitar from the 80's reminding me of my mother's "box of nostalgia" (a place where she keeps her costumes and pictures from then). It was also quite soothing to have a playlist that we had no control over. 
I hope everyone enjoys these pictures as much as I did taking them.  
Much love, Anahita Z. 

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